Meet Veronica Volny

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Veronica Volny, BFN’s Hub Meal Program Coordinator! Although Californian by birth, Veronica has spent time living in Europe and, most recently, Colorado. It was in Colorado that Veronica’s passion for equitable access to sustainably grown food led her to co-found a farm-to-table dinner program. Working out of a converted schoolbus-turned-kitchen, Veronica and her teammates transformed crops from local family farmers into fresh, seasonal meals to be served and enjoyed at a communal table directly on the farmland.

Happy to call California home again, Veronica has been applying her exceptional culinary skills to BFN’s Hub Meals program, where excess food from local producers, grocers, and restaurants is given new life. Using a balance of skill and creativity, Veronica and BFN’s exceptional kitchen volunteers create 2,000 healthy & delicious frozen meals every week. Although our Hub Meals are universally popular, they are especially beneficial for folks who face obstacles to cooking from scratch.

When she’s not making magic in the kitchen herself, Veronica is happy to let the folks at Fava do the cooking! Given the caliber of Veronica’s cooking, that’s a resounding endorsement. BFN is thrilled to welcome Veronica to the team and looks forward to the exciting future of the Hub Meal program under her guidance!