How we prepare our food

Our warehouse enables us to act as a central hub that connects an array of sourcing and distribution partners. Five days a week, we inspect, sort, and package tens of thousands of pounds of produce, dry goods, and prepared foods to be used in our distribution programs.

As a formal redistribution organization (RDO) for the Alameda County Community Food Bank, we direct food through the Feeding America network to partner agencies in northern Alameda County. We also receive a range of products through our Food Recovery and Sustainable Sourcing programs, much of which is directed to specific programs or partner agencies to best meet the needs of a given community.

Hub Kitchen

We believe in cooking up creative solutions to reduce food waste. Our Hub Kitchen manager works with a dedicated group of volunteers each week to create delicious meals for community members. Recovered products that are less appropriate for individual consumption (e.g. 20-lb bags of potatoes) are used in our Hub Kitchen to produce roughly 3,000 individually packaged and frozen meals per month, thereby providing ready-to-eat meals for community members who may not have the capacity, equipment, or ability to prepare their own meals — such as seniors and homebound individuals.