Join us in feeding our neighbors by doing a Virtual Food Drive! Instead of traditional food drives, Berkeley Food Network is moving to fully digital food drives, and here’s why:

We get more bang for our buck.

The Berkeley Food Network is able to source $2 worth of food for every $1 donated. This means, monetarily, we can double the impact of your dollar when you donate through a virtual food drive instead of purchasing cans/items for donation.

Virtual Food Drives enhance dignity and respect of service to our community.

We work to listen to the needs of our community members and have been told that what is desired most is high-quality, fresh produce and proteins for their families. By donating to us through a virtual food drive, we can better allocate that money toward foods that will make an impactful mark on the community in a respectful and dignified way.

Traditional Food Drives are not the most effective way to serve food-insecure individuals.

Receiving bulk, assorted shelf-stable items from various food drives is time-consuming and expensive. Lugging cans to and from sites oftentimes costs more in gas and staff sorting time than the products donated are worth.

Together we can keep our neighbors nourished in the most efficient and dignified way possible! Sound like something you’re interested in doing? Keep reading to learn more about how you can (1) contribute to an existing food drive or (2) host your own food drive!

Contribute to an Existing Food Drive

Don’t have an organization or group for which you’d like to set up a virtual food drive, but would like to support someone else’s? Please check out these active virtual food drives that you can contribute to:

Host a Virtual Food Drive

Are you interested in setting up a virtual food drive for your company, team, or community group? If you’re up for joining us in purchasing healthy, well-sourced items for our neighbors, please fill out the following contact form. One of our team members will be in contact shortly!

Support Berkeley Food Network With Confidence

Support Berkeley Food Network With Confidence